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    The GSM Alarm Receiver is special for receiving GSM Alarm System reports information from different users in the Police Station or Monitoring Center or Control Room.


    The GSM Alarm Receiver equips LCD, once it received the SMS alarm message, the GSM Alarm Receiver will display the SMS in the LCD, in the meantime, the Owner address, Owner Name, Owner telephone will be displayed on the LCD, it is very useful to the Policemen to know where and whose house need help!


    The GSM Alarm Receiver equips internal memory, all of the alarm logs can be saved into the memory. Also, it supports USB port, the Owner information can be uploading to the GSM Alarm Receiver, and the Logs can be downloading to Computer through the PC Programmer.


    The GSM Alarm Receiver equips Speaker and Microphone, once any incoming calls, will automatically create two-way voice communication. Also, you can call out by the keyboard.




    The GSM Alarm Receiver equips internal backup battery, after the AC power failure, the backup battery can work for 12hours.


    The GSM Alarm Receiver equips one siren port, once the GSM Alarm Receiver received alarm information, it will drive the siren to work 240 Seconds. The siren can be stop by press the Stop button on the Keyboard.


    What application does the GSM Alarm Receiver suitable for?

    1. Police Stations;
    2. Security service company;
    3. Control Room;
    4. Monitoring Center.


    The Advantage of the GSM Alarm Receiver:

    1. Very simply, the alarm information will automatically display on the LCD;
    2. Neither to design any electric map, nor run sophisticate systems, all of the alarm message and owner information are displayed on the LCD;
    3. Easy to install and easy to setup, does not require professional skills to setup and operate it;
    4. Lower cost than other monitoring center;
    5. No matter the AC power condition, it can work well with the backup battery. Not like the traditional monitoring center, when AC power failure all of them are useless.

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