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    DandyCase Neon Green Waterproof Case for Apple iPhone 5, Galaxy S4, HTC One, iPod Touch 5 - Also fits other Large Smartphones up to 5.3" Including Galaxy S3, HTC One X/X+, Droid RAZR/MAXX, Nexus 4, EVO 4G LTE, Droid Incredible, LG Optimus G, Nokia Lumia,

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    DandyCase proudly presents the BLUE Waterproof Case for large Smartphones with screen sizes up to 5.3"(includes iPhone 5), allowing you to submerge your device up to 100 feet deep without worrying about water damage and lets you do things with your device that will make your friends jealous! You'll be able to take stunning underwater photos & videos (Photo App must be open before going under water in order to work due to the pressure).

    This waterproof case is IPX8 Certified to 100 feet (30m). With a secure "2 Snap Lock System," your device will be secure all day whether you are swimming, relaxing on the beach, boating, or drinking near water. The case has 2 clear sides so you can still use the picture taking & video recording capabilities of your device without worrying about potential damage. A neck lanyard it included.

    Sealed DandyCase Retail Packaging so it's perfect for a gift!

    If you for any reason are not happy with any product by DandyCase®, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to solve your problem asap! At DandyCase® we take full ownership and responsibility for the quality of our products. DandyCase® is a registered trademark protected by the USPTO ( US Trademark Law). All products by DandyCase® are exclusively distributed by DandyCase®

    Also in Pink, Blue & Black.

    Fits the following devices (and any other device with a 5.3" screen or smaller):

    Apple iPhone 5
    Apple iPod Touch 5G
    Samsung Galaxy S4
    Samsung Galaxy S3
    Droid RAZR / RAZR MAXX
    HTC One
    HTC One X / X+ / S
    Galaxy Nexus
    Droid Incredible
    EVO 4G LTE
    Droid DNA
    HTC Sensation 4G
    T-Mobile Prism
    Nokia Lumia 820/822/900/920
    LG Optimus G

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