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    Samsung EZON Digital Door Lock Deadbolt SHS-3120 (Black) (6.89"H x 2.7"W x 0.85"D)

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    Keep your home safe with the Samsung EZON Digital Door Lock Deadbolt. This keypad lock is both a weather and vandal resistant system. The authentication mode on this easy to use touch screen with combination lock prevents others from determining your pin codes. Battery operated and uses 70 RF card or PIN codes. The screen appears dark when not in use. Setting options include random security code setting and common security code setting.  Registration of passwords and card holds up to 70 people. Individual enrollment and deletion of password and cards. Features a double locking function and emergency battery terminal. Automatic door lock function and fire alarm and emergency door unlock helps keep your home safe. Electro static discharge prevention. Assembly level/degree of difficulty: Complex or Lengthy.

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