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We aim to be the #1 place to find, compare and purchase products. And we believe we can, because we are powered by a sophisticated web crawler, an open API and an entire community of buyers, sellers and merchants.

We are the next evolution of e-commerce

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Our Beloved Community   <3

We gamify the shopping experience by introducing experience, leveling, ranks, and achievments, that are awarded real time as you interact with the website. Buyers and sellers are now identified by their rank and ratings which helps newcomers know the difference between a potential scammer and a real seller. Expect exclusive discounts and perks for high level buyers in the near future! Experience points, for example are awarded as you actively contribute to the website. Samples of how much are awarded are as follows:

  • (30pts) for Creating a product
  • (20pts) for Commenting on a product
  • (20pts) for Reviewing a member
Sample Ranks are as follows:

  • lvl 1
  • lvl 5
  • lvl 10
  • lvl 20
  • lvl 30
  • lvl 40
  • lvl 50
  • lvl 60
  • lvl 70
  • lvl 80
  • lvl 90
  • lvl 100+
  • - Just Starting
  • - Newbie
  • - Junior
  • - Active
  • - Ninja
  • - Samurai
  • - Rockstar
  • - VIP
  • - Super
  • - Epic
  • - Champion
  • - be the first to unlock!
Sample Achievements are as follows:

We Also Love Developers   :)

Our product data is completely open and can be accessed programaically via Developer APIs using standard OAuth(v2), REST, and under strict testing guidelines with continuous delivery.


Currently Salaaap! is a product of Openovate Labs Incorporated unofficially joint ventured with All Hands on Deck Incorporated. We are actively working towards incorportating this product into a separate venture. We are self-funded practicing agile, lean and bootstrapped since August 2015. We have over a decade of experience in applied technology and Philippines e-Commerce with a practical road map for scaling across the World.

We are moving fast and actively seeking for partnerships and/or person/s experienced in the following:

  • Business Advisors
  • Technology Advisors
  • Venture Capital Advisors
  • Legal Advisors
  • Business Development
  • Marketing Leads
  • Community Managers
  • Press Coverage Opporitunities
  • Dedicated Developers
  • Contract or Dedicated Mobile Developers
  • Contract or Dedicated Technologists
  • Payment gateway solution providers
  • Logistic solution providers
  • Budget for scaling servers
  • Budget for Akismet/CloudFlare
  • Budget for Google/Facebook Ads
  • Budget for Regional Operations Expansion
  • Budget for Licenses/Patents
  • Budget for Trademark, License and Patent Submissionss

Though these are our current needs, we are actively finding ways to satisfy these requirements internally.
We personally guarantee we can WOW you during our first meetup.

Contact [email protected] to schedule something :)